Book Synopsis

Memory Fragments – Books

When Cinoril wakes up, he has no recollection of who he is. He is only able to figure out his own name based on what was written on his books. He befriends a hunter and his girlfriend, and with their help he begins to follow the trail set in front of him to learn about his identity.

What these elves don’t know is the world of trouble that awaits them…

The dreaded art of Necromancy, which was thought to be only a chapter in history, reveals itself as a promising threat to Andal’Rel. Forbidden creatures, banned spells, and powerful enemies all come out of the shadows to jeopardize peace and change the future of the elves forever.

Something Cinoril finds himself to be involved with.

He is being accused of murder and practicing Necromancy. To make matters worse, Cinoril can’t say for sure he is innocent of those allegations. However, he wants to be.

As he works to prove to himself and others he is not the enemy, he finds himself fighting formidable opponents, running into more questions than answers and utilizing mysterious abilities he can’t consciously control.