Nasty Creatures: Wilderness Hound

It looked like a rabid dog, all with the growling face, slobbering snout, and sharp canines. The dog was almost as tall as I was while standing on all fours. The body, however, was made of log, tree bark, and leaves like a really strange tree. Green veins pulsed and glowed between the cracks of the wood shaping the dog-like body and red eyes pierced the darkness of the night with a horrifying and hungry stare. The wood of his body looked strong and healthy, but the rotting smell was unmistakably coming from this creature.

In a place like Andal’Rel, where the trees are full of life and the grass is as green as it gets, rotting wood is rare. The smell of rotting wood, enhanced by the corrupted arcane energies which added their own disgusting scents, was just as horrifying as the sight of the Wilderness Hound itself.

As you can probably imagine from reading previous posts, I drew this puppy before I wrote about him. Today I want to share my mental image. Do however keep in mind that drawing for me is just a tool to help with the writing process, not a career path.

Another thing that I did, but I’ll be keeping the exact details for myself at this time (sorry! I love to share, but I’m not ready just yet) is create a character sheet. If you ever played a table-top role-playing game or MMORPG, you are familiar with character sheets and stats. I basically designed one to note down information that I would need when I needed to write the scene involving the Wilderness Hound. I have the creature stats, skills and rules much like a character from a game using my own system to help understand it.

In any case, here is our nasty friend:

Wilderness Hound


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