Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is fun!

No… no, wait… that can’t be right. Let me start over.

Writer’s block sucks! It is as bad as finding a spider inside your favorite shoe!

Now that makes more sense.

Writer’s block can be annoying and frustrating. You know you want character A to get something, but how? Or maybe those two characters have to meet and become best friends, but where? The scenarios for writer’s block to manifest in are as many as the possible scenarios in your story, if not more.

However, there is help out there. Said help may not be in the form of screaming for help until your spouse or roommate comes to save you from the spider, but you can still scream if you want.

This is one of the many sites I have visited to help me out when my hands say “Ok, let’s do this!” and my brain instead says “huh?”

Step two is my favorite and it’s what works best for me. If you ever came to my house, you’d notice a notebook, notepad or some sort of writing instrument in every room.

I’ll leave this here for you. Happy writing!

Unblocking the Mind


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