The Snowflake Method

Back in school and when I first started writing, I found myself going back and updating things a lot. So much that I stopped writing for years because I hated the delay in the process. I mean, I had all these ideas in my head ready to be put down on paper and having to go back to what was already written was annoying me and sometimes even confusing me.

A few years ago I wanted to write again. I tried a couple of different ways to get my story down using methods from books and the Internet.  The process still felt like it wasn’t right for me. Even though those techniques I was using worked wonders for others, they did not sit well with my train of thought. Then one day I stumbled upon The Snowflake Method and my writing world changed.

This article gives you steps on how to go from a one sentence summary to a full novel. It helped me get organized and stay focused on what mattered in my story. It is because of this method that I fell in love with writing again.

I still have to go back and touch up details here and there when I’m writing, but I do it in a more manageable way and nowhere near as much as I used to.

Out of the multiple techniques for writing out there, this is the one that did it for me. So thank you, Randy Ingermanson, for making my life as an author a bit easier!

The Snowflake Method


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